Artist Statement

Primarily, my work is inspired by the simple aesthetic of line. Both my research and my design process are heavily influenced by my own practice of drawing. My early drawings explore the qualities of linear patterns through a variety of different mediums ranging from textiles and screen printing to more conventional mark making with a pen or pencil. It is these different qualities that can be created by each individual medium that I aim to replicate in my jewellery. 

My drawing takes inspiration mostly from natural surroundings. Initially my drawings explored the linear structure of individual strands of grass, magnifying and abstracting their natural patterns. As my work and drawings developed I began to merge this interest in pattern with more three-dimensional natural forms, such as cocoons. My drawing style highly influences my design and making process as I aim to convey the same loose, delicate and unpredictable quality of drawing, in metal. My work aims to test the properties of metal, combining a variety of techniques, such as folding and stitching, that are perhaps more recognised in other materials, like paper and fabric. By using metal as the material in which to translate my drawings, it produces an interesting quality whereby the pieces have a delicate and fragile appearance, but are in fact surprisingly sturdy and resilient. 

The characteristics of movement and sound are also intrinsically important to my jewellery. The intention behind my pieces is to develop a relationship between the piece and the body as they are worn. Because of this I aim to create structures that are changeable and may swing, slide, shuffle and twist as they respond to the actions of the wearer. Naturally, the movement of metal creates a subtle noise that is characteristic to each piece, combined with the random hand-drawn qualities of my pieces, I hope that each piece begins to embody it’s own, individual personality.